You are currently viewing XRP WILL REACH $11400 WHEN IT TOKENIZES EVERY ASSET CLASS IN THE WORLD Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

XRP WILL REACH $11400 WHEN IT TOKENIZES EVERY ASSET CLASS IN THE WORLD Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

As businesses, sectors, and customers rethink their ways of working, the world of financial and asset management is transforming. Beyond ecommerce, a digital transformation is taking place. This rapidly approaching digital transformation is reshaping society and will have a significant impact on all enterprises. Now you are aware of how digital transformation has resulted in new opportunities. Tokenization is also a part of this. Many central banks have already launched their own digital currency initiatives in the form of the Central Bank’s Digital Currencies. Simultaneously, digital business models are introducing real commodities as well as non-fungible assets in the form of blockchain tokens.
The influence of tokenization is undeniably reshaping the financial industry as a whole, and businesses must be prepared for the transformation at all costs. Tokenizing assets could lead to significant shifts in how people invest in assets. Tokenizing entails creating a blockchain token, most likely a security token, that serves as a representation of a real asset that can be exchanged.
According to a document named, The Tokenization of Assets and Potential Implications for Financial Markets from Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD, the tokenization of assets, involving the digital representation of real assets on distributed ledgers or the issuance of traditional asset classes in tokenized form, is a core part of this technology’s revolutionary potential.
You know the importance of tokenization and how the block chain is important for it. Now coming towards the main part of the video, how is this all related to the $11400 value of XRP. For that, first take a look at this video.
Digitization of assets is a process in which the rights to an asset are converted into a digital token on a blockchain. Ownership rights are transmitted and traded on a digital platform, and the real-world assets on the blockchain are represented by digital tokens. What they are trying to show here in this clip is how if the tokenization of all class assets happens via XRP, the value will reach $11400 per coin. This is not far. In the coming years we are going to see the asset class being tokenized. And this is the future.
Dan Schatt co-founder of Cred, a Peace Corps volunteer in Romania, a Citibank banker in Senegal, a Celent analyst and a PayPal executive had once said,
‘I came to the conclusion in 2015 or so is that everything is going to be tokenized, every asset class will be digitized and then tokenized. Look at the $8-trillion market for gold. More gold today is held globally as an ETF (exchange-traded fund) than as a bar of gold.’
Ripple in a blog post by Asish Birla shared that they are evolving Ripple net for a tokenized future. With this increase in adoption, there’s a growing need for tokenization, the use of digital tokens to represent ownership of any type of asset (physical or not) on a blockchain. Tokenization is transforming how people buy, sell, track and manage assets – everything from art and real estate to intellectual property, equities and supply chain goods. In fact, the World Economic Forum projects 10% of the world’s GDP will be tokenized by 2027. With our years of experience working with Financial Institutions (FIs) on using blockchain-based technologies, Ripple is uniquely positioned to partner with enterprises for that future. There’s no question – those who don’t embrace these new technologies will be left behind.

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