You are currently viewing The first 小ommunity Stream with the Stobox Exchange Team Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

The first 小ommunity Stream with the Stobox Exchange Team Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

Stobox ran a community live stream with the Stobox Management Team

From this video, you will learn about 3 Stobox products that help to manage digital assets and tokenized securities.

The Stobox Management Team answers community questions about the company’s products, their functionality, and roadmap. Explains how to manage corporate securities and customize STO.

馃敻 Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard 鈥 allows investors to trade tokenized securities without going to the stock exchange. It is a comprehensive solution to streamline all operations with tokenized securities. Reach investors globally, enable trading of your shares, and tap into new powerful sources of capital.

Stobox Dashboard 鈥

馃敻 Stobox Exchange 鈥 provides full access to the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Operations on the Exchange are powered by STBU Token.

Stobox Exchange 鈥

馃敻 Stobox Bridge 鈥 helps to transfer STBU from the Ethereum (ETH) infrastructure to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Bridge opens an opportunity for the BSC community to participate in STBU and the company ecosystem.

Stobox Bridge 鈥

The topic of tokenization is one of the most relevant in the modern world. Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing digital technologies in recent history, and its revolutionary decentralized model is being appropriated by industries far and wide. Its popularity is derived from a high interest in cryptocurrency and digital assets.

Now the popularity of the security token among people from the digital industry is on the rise. Security tokens are essentially digital, liquid contracts for fractions of any asset that already has value, like real estate, a car, or corporate stocks. Due to this investors can expect that their ownership stake is preserved on the blockchain ledger.
Security tokens have influenced the traditional financial markets in favor of the newer, more hybrid blockchain models.

Find answers on how Stobox products work and what updates are coming!

00:00 鈥 Beginning
00:39 鈥 About Discord system
02:00 鈥 General Stobox Products
03:00 鈥 Stobox Dashboard
04:05 鈥 Stobox Consulting Services
04:38 鈥 The core team
10:34 鈥 Questions
58:27 鈥 Last words

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