You are currently viewing The cold wallet App is almost finished, for the zeniq smart phone cryipto wallet application Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

The cold wallet App is almost finished, for the zeniq smart phone cryipto wallet application Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

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ZENIQ has developed the first fiat-crypto currency financial ZENIQ HUB. Combining their asset exchange platform with a strong crypto currency and the modern mobile fiat banking in seamless ecosystem
ZENIQ provides us the opportunity to invest in products and projects in the early stage to enjoy strong profits and tokenized assets to increase our ROI, return on investment.

Why ZENIQ? ZENIQ is the right solution for your safe handling, growing and storage of all your digital assets.
Wouldn’t it be great by having a permissionless peer to peer FIAT and crypto transactions?

It’s our goal to simplify online payments with crypto and unify digital money with our ZENIQ App.
We will make businesses truly efficient, transparent and reliable.
Let us regain control of our own finances
IT’S TIME. This Time Its Different!
MIN Purchase – 100 EURO GOOD STARTER PACKAGE – 2950 EURO ($3500)
*ZENIQ COIN* is currently listed on UniSwap!

Passive and store of assets for future value or Active daily income options The ZENIQ HUB can be your “access key” to long term wealthEarn on Autopilot like this:1 – Zeniq coins

Continuously minted to your back office2 – Zeniq Decentralized Exchange commissions – Zeniq Tokenization projects for coin holders to share profitsAdditional Income: THREE (3) kinds of remuneration for you! 1. Uni Level Pay (up to 15 levels) 2. Career Ranks (Bonus payment) 3. Bonus Pool/Profit Share (Massive Performance Bonus / Incentives)

KEY FACTS Zeniq Hub – Cold Wallet – 7-inch HD touch screen – 2 GHz with 6 core processors – 200+ GB memory » Portal for digital investments » Direct access to the decentralized ZENIQ Exchange » No KYC required (holder & owner) In addition » Each ZENIQ HUB is a ZENIQ masternode – daily minting of ZENIQ Coins Insurmountable safety-features » Decentralized network »
Own hardware nodes protects the network – like Bitcoin
ZENIQ HUB generates a private key – only visible to the owner Buy/sell directly from the ZENIQ HUB

Access ZENIQ University ZENIQ COIN projects and use-cases ZENIQ COIN value based on corporate development ZENIQ Coins listed on exchange already in Q1 2021 Limited amount of coins

The coins have huge potential for increase through – Limited amount of HUB 01 with full minting power – Annual halving – “profit distribution“ ​from the ZENIQ Exchange for passive income – Tokenization of ZENIQ projects & others


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