You are currently viewing Money, Macro, Metaverse and Crypto w Raoul Pal: Some very surprising points of view! Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

Money, Macro, Metaverse and Crypto w Raoul Pal: Some very surprising points of view! Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

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0:00 Intro to Real Vision and Raoul Pal – If you want to understand the future of everything, then understanding digital assets is the key. That’s why Real Vision launched Real Vision Crypto, the world’s premier cryptocurrency and digital assets video channel.
1:50 The Journey Today laid out
2:20 Why does TA work? How much psychology, self-fulfilling prophecy, probability theory or other reason?
5:15 Bitcoin’s correlation with S&P 500 vs Risk on Risk-Off Asset
6:44 Bitcoin Bond story – does it have legs or do bonds simply have a black eye? 
7:50 Regarding Bitcoin when did the penny drop for you to move to ETHEREUM?
10:20 ETH:BTC Chart 0.08
11:33 Which do you hold more faith in: your retrospective correlation with BTC in 2013 or Plan B’s S2F within the six-twelve month time frame or 1970’s Gold via Fidelity?
14:07 This cycle is truly different in so many ways from our vantage point, how do you view it as different? eg length, blow-off tops vs 85% retracements etc? 
15:30 Wall of money coming in! Path of Most Pain. S Curves. Adoption Curves. 113% growth rate. 1 Billion by 2024.
17:30 Raoul Path 40K ETH Price Prediction this cycle – how did you arrive at that?
19:15 The IA 10:1 Ratio for BTC to ETH and Flippening Territory of 6.
20:20 How does Etherium stay ahead of the competition/ahead of the murderers’ row of better faster cheaper chains that run as ETH 2 already? 
22:00 82% ETH holding
22:53 LINDY EFFECT. Is first mover advantage still relevant given the speed of development and low user switching costs? For example, ETH has 4 times more Lindy than SOL and LINDY has incredible value. Most assets are on ETH. First mover. Trust. But the POW version at least has more lindy but not the POS version of SOL is OLDER ie has more LINDY. Does it matter? 
25:30 ETH vs SOL. Settlement is a feature like all byzantine smart contracts ie all chains do settlement. Could ETH be the global settlement layer and SOL become the global execution layer?
28:28 What do you think is the future of scaling ETH L1 rollups versus fast L1 like SOL albeit sacrificing some decentralization? 
30:15 is the SCP space a winner take all like other worlds eg Retail, EV’s, Search?
31:00 What split would u give ETH between safe SOV vs Utility? 
33:00 Do you believe the cross-chain world will radically change all chains?
36:00 What is your fave metaverse play?
38:54 Metaverse land sales are beyond comprehension, do u see this eating into the global real estate market?
40:30 Do u look at TAMs for Metaverse vs DeFi and surely isn’t the 400T TAM more attractive for DeFi?
43:30 Decentraland – value nearly 10bn – up 6000% for the year. active users – 1738. Sandbox is no better. Aren’t these valuations insane?
44:40 Could facebook Meta 5x from here – probably!!!
46:00 Do you ever look at equities that underpin the metaverse eg NVIDIA? The exponential age
46:53 Who wins the Centralization vs Decentralization Revolution. Freedom of information, C19, Frustration have accelerated this revolution. 
49:01 Macro story – re Cantillon effect, do u see additional Variant Lockdowns eroding middle-class further?  Driven by demographics and debt cycle.
51:40 Stagflation?
55:20 Wake up call w Sir James Goldsmith 
55:40 Great Reset thoughts?
56:45 All Roads Lead to the METAVERSE
57:45 Re El Salvador – does the IMF have nefarious intentions w El Salvador or simply hate BTC?
1:00:03 What do you think of CBDCs – money disguised as surveillance per Jeff Booth?
1:03:27 Let’s talk about your comment w Breedlove re Boomers screwing Millenials and the fourth turning happening with generational shift and future universal income.
1:05:30 Quick Fire Round
1:05:40 If you had to hold 1 Crypto to hold for 7 years what would it be?
1:06:03 Re the Tokenization of everything – is there one asset you would not tokenize – of course, no living organisms like your dogs
1:06:53 NFA – a dear 65 YR 65K passive income and 100K in the bank at 0% – wants to get into crypto what would you recommend?
1:08:40 is SOL is the ETH of 2017 – do u have a SOLANA price prediction? Could SOL flip ETH? I saw it hitting 20% ETH market cap v early this year? SOLANA PRICE PREDICTION $2K
1:09:12 Re timeframes – do u run cycles, or do you Believe because the market is moving so fast that it’s impossible to have a five-year investment thesis in this space is gone?
1:09:58 Background Story of the Barber Chair – tell us about that! It is a classic piece I am sure.
1:11:00 Part II coming…


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