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Investing in a Net Lease Portfolio – Nothing But Net – NNN016 Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

In this special episode, co-hosts Adam Carswell and Michael Flight come together to present the benefits of investing in a net lease (NNN) property portfolio as well as the advantages of the tokenization of real estate.

Michael and Adam take a look at the myriad of advantageous qualities of Triple Net properties that attract investors to them, including high-yield fixed passive income, great main-and-main locations, quality credit-tenants, long-term lease and recession-resistance to a constantly fluctuating market. Adam and Michaeel also break down how tokenizing real estate with security tokens that utilize blockchain technology increases liquidity and trading optionality, unlocking the trillion-dollar market to investors all around the world.

They wrap up the episode by introducing the expert team that has formed and developed Liberty Real Estate Fund, the World’s First Single-Tenant Net-Leased Security Token Fund!

Michael and Adam would like to give a huge thanks to Randy for coming on the show and sharing his knowledge and experience on Net Lease, Triple Net and NNN properties with the Nothing But Net community.

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Timestamped Shownotes:

01:40 – Host Adam Carswell and co-host Michael Flight, CEO and co-founder of Liberty Real Estate LLC (Liberty), introduce show’s topic, the benefits of investing in a net lease (NNN) portfolio and using security token offerings (STOs)

02:25 – How is Liberty’s fund like a mutual fund of Triple Net properties?

02:49 – Who can invest in Liberty’s diverse net lease property portfolio?

03:22 – Why is Liberty investing in SingleTenant Net Lease (STNL) properties?

03:10 – What is the difference between a Security Token versus cryptocurrency?

05:00 – Who are the experts behind Liberty Real Estate Fund?

07:47 – What are the advantages of Net Lease properties?

08:13 – How are Triple Net investments recession-resistant?

08:43 – What makes NNN properties so attractive to investors and tenants?

09:55 – Why do STNL properties have such consistently high occupancy rates?

12:20 – How does Liberty’s core fund structure provide regular passive income for investors?

14:02 – How are Liberty’s tokenized real assets like bonds wrapped in real estate?

15:27 – Where are Liberty’s property investments located around the US?

17:23 – Why is the location of a Triple Net property so important to its success?

21:23 – Why are Medtail, Automotive Service and Gas-Station/Convenience store properties great investments for Net Leases?

23:00 – What are the benefits of NNN properties for investors?

27:13 – How do Security Tokens unlock the wealth of real estate with the use of Blockchain technology?

27:34 – How does the tokenization of real estate increase buying, selling and trading optionality for investors worldwide?

29:29 – How do Liberty’s Security Tokens increase the liquidity of traditionally stable real estate investments by partnering with BlockFi?

31:22 – What are the benefits of tokenizing real estate on the Blockchain?

Key Points:

1. Net Lease and Triple Net (NNN) properties offer high-yield fixed income to investors

2. The Tokenization of Real Estate increases liquidity of the assets and optionality for investors

3. Triple Net (NNN) lease properties have historically had the highest occupancy rates in commercial real estate

4. Security Tokens unlock the wealth of traditionally illiquid real estate offerings with the use of Blockchain technology

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