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Impact Token AI powered systems Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

AI-powered system: the platform operation would be backed by artificial intelligence that enables continuous integration by collecting non-personal data from transactions and processes in other to deploy better and seamless processes and services.

Specificity of Taxonomy: Alongside the impact platform, we will be offering an intensive and extensive inventory to all our consumers and e-tailers. This inventory contains millions of goods from thousands of brands. In order to ensure proper categorization of all goods for easy navigation, identification, and filtering, we would deploy a taxonomy powered by the ROSH. This young AI codebase engine is backed by deep learning. This taxonomy clearly specifies all products’ sectors, categories, and sub-categories alongside filtering identities like gender, sizes, edibility, and color.

Automated Provisioning: Our ultimate aim is for e-tailers on the Impact Platform to enjoy seamless transaction, integration, and navigation. As such, we have created automated provisions to guide them on the platform from e-shop creation to the processes involved with the everyday running of their e-shops. We have also automated the process from order creation to shipment for the consumers as well, all powered by our artificial intelligence. In summary, our auto-provisioning AI would be developing up to 100000 e-shops per week.

The key elements of the Impact Program shall be as follows;

Impact Shop: these are the e-shops that will be owned by the e-tailers, where they can sell items from our inventory to generate margins for their finance and climate impact projects.

Impact Points: the impact points shall be awarded to both e-tailers and consumers alike for their donation to climate impact projects. Consumers can earn impact points by transacting on the platform, donating to impact projects, and inviting their friends to join the platform. Brands that contribute more margins to our climate-saving projects would also receive recognition via higher impact points.


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