You are currently viewing HUMBL (HMBL) Addendum 3: Blockchains and Tokenization, what every HMBL investor should already know! Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

HUMBL (HMBL) Addendum 3: Blockchains and Tokenization, what every HMBL investor should already know! Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

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In this video I

* HUMBL’s meteoric rise has brought many skeptics to the forefront.
* I have identified six major questions and risks that surround HUMBL and answer them.
* By addressing the major skepticisms and the potential risks, we maintain that HUMBL is well positioned to disrupt the Fintech industry.
* There are inherent risks with a Fintech startup in a crowded space. Researching demystifies the risks to uncover the next “Big Thing.”
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I wrote about Tesoro Enterprises/HUMBL (OTCPK:TSNP), soon to be (OTCPK:HMBL) here.
Here is the story of her birth- if Alibaba (BABA) and PayPal (PYPL) got married and had a girl named Venmo (PYPL) and she grew up and married a strapping young lad named #Blockchain (DGB), she would be called HUMBL.
Its fairy tale-like claims and share price gains (+800% in one month!) brought many skeptics out of the woodwork with their bear thesis. The theses are very fair and quite frankly, I had the same questions! This article lists and addresses the skepticisms and defend that HUMBL is the next big thing to disrupt the Fintech industry.
List of Skepticisms and Questions
* PayPal, Venmo, Square (NYSE:SQ), Western Union (WU), Cash App (SQ), Alipay can nip HUMBL in the buds.
* What about Google Pay (GOOGL) and Apple Pay (AAPL)?
* Is this a pump and dump scheme fueled by Reddit?
* HUMBL Financial’s ETX is nothing new. Crypto ETFs have been denied by the SEC in the past.
* The float is too large. 3.9 billion Shares outstanding!
* The market cap is already over $5 Billion!
1: PayPal, Venmo, Square, Alipay, and Western Union can nip HUMBL in the bud.

Short Answer: Global mobile payment space is vast, it’s too early to crown a winner. HUMBL is already out pacing the incumbents in the global stage. HUMBL’s product offering is technologically on a different level than the incumbent.
Long Answer: What does a business traveler, ex-pat, deployed military, and a Mexican immigrant have in common? They need a convenient, fast, and cheap means to transact money to and from overseas. This ‘need’ is known as demand in the school of Economy.
Now, let’s define the supply side of the equation.
PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Square, Alipay, Western Union, and MoneyGram currently represent the “supply” side of this equation. The “old kids on the block”- Western Union and MoneyGram- can’t do what the “new kids on the block” can do. But interestingly enough, neither can Venmo, Cash App, and Alipay. Venmo and Cash App are stymied by geographic limitations which have been detailed here. Hence the reason why both “old” and the “new” continue to co-exist in the global payment ecosphere. They both have the same end goal of transacting money but they go about it differently to different target audience. The companies above represent the “supply” side of the digital wallet/payment equation.
According to NFCW, a leading mobile payment technology and trend research firm:
The number of digital wallet users globally will increase from 2.3bn in 2019 to 4bn in 2024 and global non-cash transactions will grow to nearly 1.1tn in 2023 from 708.5bn in 2019, according to the World Payments Report 2020.

Source: NFCW
Venmo and Cash App have 52 million and 30 million respective monthly users. Then there is Alipay’s who claims to have 1.3 billion users but is largely inconsequential as its hegemony is limited to Sino sphere of influence. With the global demand being at over 4 billion and supply falling short at 1.4 billion, the gap of epic proportions is incontestably obvious. This gap demonstrates that we are still VERY early. To say that Venmo, Cash App, and Alipay have already won is like saying that AOL won the internet, Netscape won the browser race, and Yahoo won the search war, and… You get the drift.

Internationally speaking, HUMBL already has a solid ground game. Partnerships with India, Pan-Asia, Mexico, Latin America, Africa, and foreign governments strategically align perfectly with the global growth projections above. HUMBL is deep into Mexico, established strategic alliances with India, and is running its Financial division out of the Crypto center of the universe in Asia (Singapore).
Technology is an enabler. Enabled by blockchain, HUMBL offers same day settlement of funds as successfully demonstrated. Speaking of technology, if the banks were built on the PVC pipes and Venmo/Cash App were built on steel piping, HUMBL is the house that was built on copper piping. Venmo and Cash App built their infrastructure on legacy Fiat pipeline, whereas HUMBL built their house on the blockchain technology.


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