You are currently viewing How to choose tokenization provider to conduct the STO. Best token advisors & tokenization platform Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

How to choose tokenization provider to conduct the STO. Best token advisors & tokenization platform Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

Today, the tokenization business is on its virtue; accordingly, the number of tokenization service providers is exploding as well. How can you pick the best one among them if you decide to tokenize, and why does Stobox have all it takes to give you a hand?

In the newest episode of Stobox Insights, you will learn about:
? Evaluating the STO process;
? The main struggles of managing/directing the process of tokenizing your shares;
?The criteria necessary for conducting a complex Security Token Offering;
? Stobox competitive advantages in the tokenization field if compared to other tokenization platforms.

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Individuals and organizations may use asset tokenization platforms to generate digital proof of ownership for real-world liquid assets like capital or property. Asset-backed tokens vary from security tokens in that they are backed by real-world assets and have liquid value. Digital assets provide a versatile framework for maintaining and transacting with diverse digital assets. Once assets have been tokenized, they may be utilized in global transactions without the requirement for a middleman (such as a bank or institutional trader).

It’s in businesses’ interest to tokenize assets in order to ensure asset ownership, enhanced security, and reduced risk. Because blockchains and distributed ledger technologies are immutable and public, once an individual acquires ownership of an item, it cannot be changed or destroyed without a new transaction. Digital assets also have other advantages, such as nearly borderless international trading, fractional ownership, and faster transactions.

Traditional securities and equities can be digitized and turned into security-compliant tokens, called Security Token Offering (STO). These tokens can be used to pay dividends, share earnings, earn interest, or invest in other tokens to create income for token holders. Thanks to conducting an STO, your business also becomes liquid as the shares are now possible to trade on liquidity pools on digital asset exchanges.

00:00 — Intro
00:57 — How do you evaluate the STO process?
02:46 — Why should you choose Stobox?
07:00 — Last words

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