You are currently viewing Commercial real estate asset tokenization. How real estate tokenization unlocks Triple Net Lease? Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

Commercial real estate asset tokenization. How real estate tokenization unlocks Triple Net Lease? Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

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Tokenization is the process of representing your shares on digital infrastructure, the property value is converted into digital tokens with the help of special blockchain real estate tokenization platforms.

Watch Stobox Interview with Michael Flight — CEO of Liberty Real Estate Fund with more than 35 years in the real estate industry who recognized the power of blockchain and decided to be among the first ones to cease the advantage.

These tokens are often referred to as “security tokens”. A business owner can structure his financial instruments, onboard investors with a compliant digital experience, manage issuance on the blockchain: token supply, eligible investors, servicing, and corporate actions.

When the token is offered for sale on the market, it can then be purchased by investors who will be given fractional ownership of the property. These investors also have the right to sell as many shares as they need and/or want.

It is possible for anyone with as little capital as possible to obtain capital gains based on the performance of the real-world asset they have invested in.

Asset tokenization is only able to exist using blockchain technology, and thus this means that a shared infrastructure between all participants is used. Due to this transactions costs are significantly reduced and improves efficiency when performing actions.

Real Estate Tokenization is the division of a property into tradable shares or digital assets on a blockchain network. Blockchain has introduced the real estate industry to tokenization, bringing the potential for greater transparency, liquidity, and inclusiveness.

Thanks to the tokenization of real estate, the price of the asset will be quite close to its real market value as the illiquidity discounts will be significantly decreased. A lot of assets can be easily traded at low fees by potential investors in the secondary market. Investors can experience a higher level of transparency as the blockchain-based system will be updated regularly to know their rights and restrictions related to the use of the tokenized digital asset.

The owners of assets must decide the type of property that they wish to digitize, form either a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), or become a part of a Real Estate Fund or a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

Security Token Offerings (STO) and asset tokenization are connected. Through Security Token Offerings (STOs), new markets could be open to anyone in the world, allowing readily available capital to flow into illiquid markets, opening a world full of opportunities

00:00 — Intro
01:18 — About Michael
02:28 — How does net lease work and what makes it an attractive investment opportunity?
09:17 — Which investors are the most interested in tokenized property?
11:56 — What are the benefits of investing in tokenized properties?
32:00 — How to raise capital via security token offering?
35:10 — Last words

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