You are currently viewing Celsius AMA July 23rd 2021 Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

Celsius AMA July 23rd 2021 Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

2:35” – Alex announces he is starting to write a book about digital currencies, finance, CeFi, etc.
3:20” – Celsius listed Terra (Luna). International users only.
5:42” – Chad Walls from the institutional team at Celsius.
Interview of the week
8:20” – Walls introduces Mike Dudas, VP, BD & Ventures at Paxos
9:05” – Dudas: “In 10-20 years, the majority of all of the world assets will be tokenized”
15:52” – [VIDEO] “Tokenized Gold is as good as Gold”, by Chad Walls.
19:18” – PAXG60 and PAXG600 promo codes.
21:52” – “Pax Gold has become the tokenized gold leader. It’s safely stored in London”.
23:50” – Earning yield for your gold, a golden opportunity
26:35” – PAXG, a prime asset for lending against to
News and updates
33:35” – Cardano blockchain has been added to Fireblocks. In the next 2-3 weeks ADA could be in the Celsius wallet.
35:00” – “Celpay is our best tool to introduce someone to cryptoworld”
37:35” – More new promo codes: HODL10, HODL50, HODL500.
41:30” – The elephant in the room: Blockfi and regulations
44:10” – Celsius confirms a $54M investment in carbon-neutral bitcoin mining leader core-scientific.
46:52” – A gold medal match – Celsius and Paxos
47:47” – Elon Musk says Space X holds Bitcoin, ribs Jack Dorsey at conference
48:51” – Bitcoin mining isn’t nearly as bad for the environment as it used to be.
49:34” – Why Yellen, Powell cast a wary eye on stablecoins Rapid Fire
1:00:26” – Do you see a possible tokenization of other commodities in the future?
1:01:20” – Will Luna be available for US customers?
1:02:51” – What is the general response of institutional clients doing business with Celsius?
1:04:09” – When volcano mining?
1:05:10” – How do I move my allocated physical gold bullion at BullionVault or OneGold into one of these gold tokens?
1:08:22” – Are there new developer positions open?
1:09:24” – Aren’t there worries about bitcoin demonetizing gold and dropping the gold value down to the community level?
1:11:41” – What would be the best pitch to give to friends to make them buy some gold?
1:13:13” – Do you think that Celsius will reach 1 million users this year?
1:16:30” – Any thoughts on the crypto insurance industry such as Nexus Mutual?
1:18:55” – With fiat currency losing value, is it still safe to hold stablecoins?
1:21:43” – How did you come in contact with Celsius and Alex?
1:23:38” – Are there any safeguards to protect Celsius innovations?
1:26:23” – Will Celsius allow partial loan repayments for the borrowed principal?
1:27:12” – Are you looking into other ways of allowing Celsians to diversify into other assets outside crypto?

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