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BarnBridge ($BOND) – A DeFi Protocol for Tokenizing Risk | Review | CryptoRobin Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

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0:00 Intro
0:51 What is BarnBridge?
2:10 SMART Yield
5:12 SMART Exposure
6:36 $BOND Tokenomics
7:27 Team
8:21 Conclusion
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?What Is BarnBridge? ?
BarnBridge is a platform that offers several products to DeFi users in order to facilitate a transition between traditional finances, where such products already exist, and Defi, through certain risk management solutions.
Basically, BarnBride tokenizes, separates into segments or compartments, and quantifies the risk associated with the yield or price volatility of certain assets. The goal is to make it tradable, to reduce the risk over time, and to make it easier for the DeFi community to understand and approach it.

?What Are BarnBridge’s Exclusive Features??
The platform divides risk into pieces called “tranches” that can then be bought by investors. It thus uniformizes the risk curve using tokenized derivatives. The protocol takes an asset or financial instrument and then schedules certain rules to allocate gains or losses to those who own certain derivative segments.
BarnBride’s exclusive features include SMART Yield, a tool built to reduce the risk component associated with the yield, and SMART Exposure, through which a user can maximize profit and optimize time in relation to keeping a certain risk exposure associated with a pair of ERC-20 tokens.

?BarnBridge Protocol Token ?
The governance token that powers the BarnBridge DAO protocol is BOND, which is an ERC-20 token. It has a maximum supply of 10 million BOND, with nearly 3.5 million in circulation. It is used for staking and other types of incentives for the community, as well as for governance.

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