You are currently viewing AMA WITH CROPBYTES FOUNDER SANDEEP KUMAR || REPLAY 10/21/2021 || PINOY CRYPTO Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

AMA WITH CROPBYTES FOUNDER SANDEEP KUMAR || REPLAY 10/21/2021 || PINOY CRYPTO Ligue ou Whatsapp (51) 981284195 Rafael Nova

Hello guys this is Pinoy Crypto and welcome sa ating channel. In this video pakikinggan natin ang AMA kahapon October 21, 2021 together with the founder sandeep Kumar and Kevin Sequera admin in cropbytes. Napaka exciting ang aabangan natin guys sa cropbytes kaya lets listen to the record.


Hey Farmers ?‍??‍?

Here are the highlights of the announcements made by Sandeep and a transcript of the AMA that took place in our community today.

Announcements made by Sandeep:
• We will be going ahead with an IEO for the launch of the CBX token. The token will be listed on two major exchanges, to begin with, and this will be followed by listing on more tier 1 exchanges.
Dates for the launch will be announced on the CropBytes channels.

• GC will be swapped with CBX and holders of GC will be awarded airdrop of CBX as a token of gratitude to our community.

• To facilitate the back-end work for the token swap, GC minting will be halted temporarily. More details on this will be announced in the CropBytes channels.

• Health bar for animals will be disabled temporarily. However, farmers can still get extracts by continuing daily feeding. The dates for this will be announced shortly.

• There will be a CBX pool for our dear CB Army as they have been our key supporters and have helped us in taking the news of CropBytes out to the world. There will be more streamlining and simplification of the CB Army system to welcome more and more sign-ups.

AMA transcript:

Q1: Will GC be available for trade in the market during the halt of GC minting?
Answer: It will be available for trade during that phase. The GC market might pause for a couple of days when the swap happens.

Q2: What will happen to GC Assets like the GC Island?
Answer: We are working towards building an NFT marketplace and tokenization of Assets. Some of the assets will be swapped and some will be available for trade.

Q3: When will the suspension of GC minting happen.
Answer: The dates for this will be announced on our channels.

Q4: Will there be difficulty reset after the token launch?
Answer: Since GC is turning into CBX and will become decentralized, there will be a reset of difficulty.

Q5: Will there be an animal health reset for the launch on-chain?
Answer: Yes, we will do one last animal health reset before going decentralized.

Q7: Will there be a farm boost, after going on-chain?
Answer: Once we are on the chain, the economy will be governed by an algorithm that will maintain the balance of output from assets dynamically.

Q8: Small well is 1200 TRX and the large pack is only 899 TRX. Why these prices.
Answer: The prices of the packs are based on the utility that they are providing. The large pack is for new players to kickstart their farming journey and the new well pack is to address concerns of existing players who might have an imbalanced farm w.r.t to the water production.

Q9: Is there an updated Roadmap?
Answer: We are sticking with the existing roadmap for this quarter, the priority will be tokenization of assets.

Q10: Will there be gas fees since eth?
Answer: Yes, there will be a gas fee. Our priority is the tokenization of assets that will happen on the Etherium blockchain. The next step will be bridging to other chains like Polygon and Binance. We are also considering Solana for this.

Q11: Are we moving out of Tron?
Answer: Yes, it will be a planned shift from TRX to CBX. In the process, we will implement USDT – CBX trading pair through ERC – 20 wallet for liquidation of funds which will be available on the funds page.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. The intent of this video is not hype this game but to share our knowledge and educate everyone. This is for educational purposes only and not for advertising.
Please note that this game is still in its Alpha stage.

Credits to: Cropbytes


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